What Is Eyebrow Threading?

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

September 27, 2015

Eyebrow threading is an ancient technique of altering the appearance of hair above your eyes using a piece of thread. It is believed to have originated somewhere in Central Asia or Middle East and has been in use for centuries in India, Nepal and Middle Eastern countries. It has gained in popularity in Western countries in recent years.

Threading involves removal of hair using a piece of thread. Individuals can thread their own hair (less common) or they can have some one else do it.

Given that there are many other methods for hair removal, what makes eyebrow threading so popular?

Eyebrow Threading vs. Waxing vs. Tweezing

When your eyebrows undergo waxing, an inevitable part of the process also scrapes a layer of skin off your face – leaving it more sensitive and less protected against the sun and environment. When you use tweezers, there’s the obvious discomfort of pulling the hair out by its root. Eyebrow threading, on the other hand, is an elegant technique that involves an artful braiding of your hair strands. This braiding of single strands makes it very easy to extract the hairs you want to remove from the follicle – without the forceful pulling involved with tweezers, or the abrasive skin removal that waxing entails.

Cosmetic Advantages of Eyebrow Threading

Notice that the technique of eyebrow threading is inherently more delicate than any other method of hair removal. It involves working with a single, fine strand of hair at a time; this means that shaping your eyebrows into a desired form is much cleaner – in fact, Indian movie stars favor this method to get their own eyebrows looking so straight and crisp on screen.

One of the most useful cosmetic applications of eyebrow threading is to remove a unibrow. Because the hair is removed at the root, anything that grows back is likely to be finer – not thicker and darker. Indeed, your threading expert can give your eyebrows almost any shape you desire if you specify it beforehand.

The technique can be very economical, as well, with the threading technician braiding multiple strands of hair tightly together, which makes it very easy to separate from the follicle without pulling on your face. Additionally, eyebrow threading lasts far longer than shaving or pulling the hair out; you can expect your new look to persist for 2-3 weeks before a renewed treatment is necessary.

Concerns About Discomfort

Out of all the existing methods, eyebrow threading is the one that causes the least amount of discomfort. Many users attest to feeling no pain at all, which is endemic to the twisting nature of the process before removal of the hair. Instead of grabbing large swaths of hair – as in waxing – threading goes strand-by-strand to keep irritation at an absolute minimum. It saves you days of irritation when compared to the waxing process.

Threading Is Not Only for the Eyebrows

As you might have guessed, the threading process works equally well on other parts of the body where you want excess hair removed or shaped. This includes your fingers, lips, neck and chin. It’s even used to expertly shape sideburns for a tight look that’s difficult to achieve with any other method. When the eyebrows are involved, the entire process can be accomplished in less than ten minutes – and as few as five.

Threading for Sensitive Skin

In fact, threading is essentially tailor-made for sensitive skin – as it beats out all other methods of hair noninvasive removal. You can use it if you have acne (acne makes waxing inadvisable) because it is both gentle and a non-allergenic process.

All that’s left to do with eyebrow threading is making sure you find an experienced aesthetician who can perform the job as expertly as advertised. Although eyebrow threading has many advantages over other hair-removal techniques, skill matters here more than in other methods; you don’t want to walk out with uneven eyebrows.

Ready to Give Eyebrow Threading a Try?

Eyebrow threading salons have been opening up in a lot of cities in US lately. There is a good chance that you can find an eyebrow threading salon near you.