The Idea Behind

The Idea Behind

July 13, 2015


Finding a salon near our home or work is not something we do everyday. Once we find a good salon, we all stick with it until circumstances change. Your stylist leaves town. Or, you move to a new location. Or may be you switch your job and need to find a place close by. When that happens, how do you find your new go to place for nails? Or eyebrows?

What if there was a place where you could find all salons? One where you wouldn’t need to spend 5 minutes navigating through the site, avoiding proliferate ads, just to find a phone number for a decent salon. That’s EverySalon.

As a salon professional, wouldn’t you love to have a forum where you could discuss all things salon? A place where you could ask experts specific questions, find salon jobs or stylists or places renting out chairs. A place where your customers could find you and contact you to book an appointment. That’s EverySalon.

The idea behind EverySalon is to create this community for Salons that helps everyone get what they need. We have set out in this mission to create this community. We know it may take a while for this community to take shape. But we know it is going to be worthwhile!